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Avenir outplacement services.

Our outplacement expertise lies in helping redundant employees rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem by working with them to identify their strengths, develop personal presentation skills and market themselves successfully to new employers. Our competence based approach to outplacement audits skills acquired, assesses future requirements and promotes effective personal marketing and advancement.

Avenir works with a range of organisations in various sectors providing outplacement support to redundant employees at all levels and from different disciplines. We are proud of our prestigious client list and regard excellence of service not only in delivery but also in administrative support as the cornerstone of our business. 

Whilst we have developed standard outplacement packages to meet the main needs identified by our clients, we believe the real value of the redundancy support we provide is in the active listening and personally tailored service we offer. The appointed Avenir outplacement counsellor develops a rapport with each individual to ensure he or she gets the most from the selected programme. The vast majority of the individuals we have worked with, have successfully secured new employment well within the duration of the outplacement programme.

We monitor the quality of our outplacement service by asking for feedback from individuals and from client companies. We continuously improve what we offer by reinforcing our programme or incorporating new features based on that feedback. The comments on our Quotes page are taken from these feedback sheets.