Outplacement Professionals

Interview Tips

So you've got an interview!

Prepare for the interview

• Research the company and write down the questions you want to ask

• Make sure you know how to find the place, where to park, etc

• Plan what you are going to wear and make sure your clothes are clean and ready

• Allow plenty of time

• Take a copy of your CV with you

• Re-read job description or advert

At the interview

• Be punctual and polite

• Be aware of how much you are talking - don't make the interviewer work to get information out of you, but equally do allow space for others to speak.

• Be clear about your achievements

• Use examples to illustrate your responses

• Listen carefully

• Make eye contact

• Above all - be yourself!

• Ask when you can expect to know the outcome

After the interview

• Follow up with a letter to underline your interest

• Assess what went well and not-so-well

• Look at improving what you do as a result

• If you haven't heard by when you were told you would, follow it up with a phone call